Founder and Natural Wine Importer

Holly Berrigan is a natural wine importer, female entrepreneur, environmentalist, and educator who has built a sustainable wine importing company, working only with natural wines and partnering with 1% for the Planet and the Carbon Fund to offset all import and distribution impacts of the wine.

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Natural Wine

As a natural wine importer, Holly brings in wines from across Europe that are made organically without anything added to them or taken out. The carbon costs are also offset for the shipment of the wine from the vineyard to your door. 



Below is one of Holly's most recent talks at a wine conference on millennials and marketing wine.


& Podcasts

Below you can find Holly's personal and professional blog as well as the podcast she hosts.

The No MOG Blog

MYSA's blog on natural wine, where to find it, how it is made and ways to enjoy it.


Holly's personal blog on wine, sustainability, and running a business.


A podcast on natural wine, producer profiles, and the importing process.

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