About Holly

Holly's Story

Life is not a straight path and Holly's took several strange turns before ending at the right fit!

Always planning to be a diplomat, she worked in several embassies, NGOs, and even accepted a place for a PhD in international relations at Cambridge before dropping it all to try out the corporate world. Taking a position with a Brazilian media firm, Holly spent the first part of her 20s writing country profiles on Korea, Germany, and Switzerland for an economics magazine.

Enjoying the work but needing to go home, she started at a consulting firm working with international clients and started her WSET course as a hobby. In 2019 she moved permanently to the wine industry as an importer and continues studying wine and sustainable agriculture.

Qualifications, Awards, and Memberships

- WSET Level 3 With Distinction

- Introductory Sommelier from Court of Master Sommeliers

- Slow Food USA Member

= Porto Protocol Writer on Natural Wine and Sustainability

- Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture Candidate UMass Stockbridge

- Huffington Post Contributor