A More Sustainable 2020

Updated: Jan 10

2019 was about a lot of changes for myself, my partner Nic, and our company Through the Grapevine! We launched the company, quit our jobs, shipped ourselves, our dog, and car to Europe and took a massive leap of faith moving to Barcelona to source our wine producers!

The goal was the make the company self-reliant, as we're completely self-funded and wine is expensive (don't even get me started on the tariffs...). By December that was happening and now we're moving into a new era! 2020 is bringing many things into play for us:

1. A company rebrand from Through the Grapevine to MYSA Natural Wine.

There were lots of reasons for this change, but we are happy to have a shorter name that is more reflective of what we're doing as well as taking this opportunity to give back and create a more sustainable company! We've joined 1% for the Planet as well as the Carbon Fund which means we'll be donating 1% of our sales (not just profits) to environmental organizations and purchasing carbon offsets for every bottle of wine we import to make up for its journey from the vineyard all the way to our customer's doorstep!

2. Settling into Spain/Visiting Sweden

As I mentioned, we moved to Spain last summer and are looking forward to putting down some nice roots here (there's a surprise hidden in this as well, so check back in at the end of Spring to see what I mean! We'll also be visiting Sweden for the summer to visit Nic's family as well as restore the summer stuga (cottage) that Nic grew up visiting every summer. No electricity or water, so it's quite off the grid and will be an interesting challenge for me!

3. We're personally working to be more sustainable

While I can't say we're going completely Zero-Waste (Nic would kill me) we want to practice what we preach not only with our company but in our personal life as well. The beauty of natural wine is that it's created without all the bad stuff added to it, so why would we want bad stuff in our deodorant, shampoo, food, and everything else we consume! At a minimum, we're being more conscious about what we consume and I have high ambitions of becoming an essential oils, composting, and thrifting guru!

These are our announcements and intentions for 2020 and if you'd like to follow along with these areas, there are a lot of ways now that we're producing way more content (I guess that's also a 2020 goal, stay consistent with content!):

This blog (you're here so I think you can find it ;)

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