MYSA Natural Wine in Bon Appétit and Others

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

During the outbreak of the coronavirus, many organizations have started listing the top places to buy wine online. Some of the lists MYSA Natural Wine has been featured on lately include:

Bon Appétit - Where to Buy Great Wine Online 

Lonely Planet - Here’s where to stock up on global wines for your next virtual happy hour

RAW Wine - Together Naturally

Medium - Where to Buy Natural Wine Online

Grape Revival - Where to Buy Natural Wine Online

CuceeSprout - Guide on Keeping Your Natural Wine Cellar Fully Stocked During the Quarantine

The situation with COVID-19 is terrible and we can't wait for it to be other. We are also very grateful to our fulfillment and delivery team for keeping the wine deliveries moving without delays.

Everyone please stay safe and stay home!


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