Through the Grapevine is Now MYSA Natural Wine!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I'm so excited to share that Through the Grapevine has rebranded in February.

This happened for several reasons:

  1. Through the Grapevine is long and hard to write! Hashtags are much easier now with #mysa #mysawine and #mysanaturalwine

  2. We partnering with new organizations to support two causes we're very passionate about! Including 1% for the Planet to promote environmental stewardship, and several women in business and wine organizations to support women in winemaking!

  3. You'll now find wines from outside Europe in our portfolio thanks to new import and distribution partners!

Through the Grapevine was great and we are excited to continue expanding our offering, reach, and message with the next phase and MYSA!

P.S. this is the definition of MYSA in Swedish and we really loved the feeling it implies!

Read all of the exciting updates here.

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